Cultural Heritage and Sustainability: Macau as a case study

Graduation project

This research took part in the research-graduation studio “Cultural Heritage and Sustainability: World Heritage cities as case study”. The research studio is part of a larger research program called: “Outstanding Universal Value, World Heritage cities and Sustainability: Surveying the relationship between Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) assessment practices and the sustainable development of World Heritage (WH) Cities, supervised by University of Technology, Eindhoven (TU/e).

The research sub-group for this research, consisting of Nadine Huids and Evelien van de Riet, have taken Macau as a case study. Other members of this research group are the supervisors Ana Pereira Roders, Loes Veldpaus and Bernard Colenbrander.

The aim of this research was to locate and analyse attributes conveying the OUV of the property in Macau and threats to these attributes, during the evolution of Macau. Using this research, an evidence-based recommendation can be made on how to increase the (re)use of significant cultural heritage from the past in such a way, it contributes to the sustainability of the present and future communities of Macau, mainly concentrating on the Historic Route of Macau.