De Bijenkorf


“De Bijenkorf” should be future-proof, that was the task of this master project. Nowadays, “De Bijenkorf” is surrounded by a ring with several distinctive buildings in Eindhoven. These include various categories. There are buildings that can be categorized by their height (Admirant), other buildings have a recognizable public function (library) and there are buildings with historical value that are significant for Eindhoven (De Witte dame).

On this ring of cultural activities and emblematic buildings, the building “De Bijenkorf” is kind of the ringleader. Therefore, it lends itself well to join this ring of characteristic buildings. In terms of appearance and history “De Bijenkorf” already has an important significance for Eindhoven. What doesn’t fit is the store function in “De Bijenkorf”. To get a better connection this fictitious ring, “De Bijenkorf” will be changed in a building that houses a cultural artistic spectacle. My design will beĀ future-proof by adding a fixed heart, which give the remaining building a possibility or opportunity to change.