Garden village

Typology of housing

The historical development and various typological characteristics/qualities of several residential areas, are examined for the course “Typologie van het wonen”. I could choose to work on a garden village in the North of Amsterdam. The research in the report will focus on the vision of Zwanenplein (a fragment of  ”Tuindorp de Vogelbuurt”, Amsterdam).

The research in this report contains two parts. The first part is a historical analysis of the development area and also explains the ideas behind garden villages. This information is processed in an essay with the question whether the Vogelbuurt, and specifically the fragment Zwanenplein, really is a garden village. This essay concentrates on the ideas of Arie Keppler and Ebenezer Howard.

The second part focuses on an analysis at four different levels. The first scale (1:20 000) shows the situation of the Zwanenplein, compared to Amsterdam as a whole. The second level (scale 1:2000) shows the situation of the Zwanenplein as district. At the third level, a specific block of the neighbourhood is highlighted. Finally the last scale (1:200) focuses on the housing level.