Monestiroli & Mies & …

Group assignment

Gabriella Koziel, Wessel Berendonk and Nadine Huids and I conducted research to answer the following question: When Mies continues the analogical line of the concept of nature, particularly of technique, what are the characteristics of his work in the context of Monestiroli’s theory? And who may claim to be his successor in terms of artistic craftsmanship? Is it Norman Foster?

Individual assignment

In the time after Mies his career, many buildings were build based on the ideas of Mies. However, not all former residents of designs by Mies were happy with their living environment. Some people couldn’t get used at “the new living” which was introduced by Mies. The most notable or notorious design of Mies, which the owner didn’t appeal, was the Farnsworth House. Were the ideas of Mies too extreme or too advanced for his time? Is Farnsworth House a powerful design in the purest sense of modernism, or an intolerable glass cage on stilts? My essay answer the following main question: Is the Farnsworth House liveable?