Passive house and tendering


During this internship at Rothuizen, I conducted research on passive house and different forms of tendering. Passive house is a way of building very energy efficient buildings. This building method results in buildings which require little energy for space heating or cooling. In order to ensure energy efficiency, multiple actions and adjustments to a “traditional” design are needed.

The purpose of this study is to explore knowledge and opinions in the market about passive house. The different ways of tendering was also analysed and compared to the passive house concept. To information on those two topics was gained by analysing books and websites, and by interviewing 15 local cooperations (5 municipalities, 5 contractors and 5 housing associations in the province Zeeland, The Netherlands). The product of this research is a report that answers the main question: “What form of tendering is, for a client, the best choice for a project of passive house?”.