Sensing Càceres


In a group with different international students, we conducted research in Càceres. The assignment was to change the city positively in order to attract inhabitants/visitors to the old part of the city, without affecting the old buildings, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, in a bad way. After analysing the city, our research group concluded that the old wall surrounding the city was blocking the liveability of the city. This wall also blocked the city from connecting with the surrounding landscape, the river and hill. We attempted to create a master plan including new connections between the old city and its surroundings.

Besides creating the urban master plan, I also made a real contribution to the city Cáceres. In my personal temporary contribution,  the old city (the inside of the wall), was linked to the natural side behind river Marco outside the wall. This visual connection was created by placing a ladder against the wall, so curious inhabitants or tourist could see what was happing on the other side of the wall. 

This workshop included extensive fieldwork research and collaboration between students with different nationalities.