UNESCO – Protect Urban Planet

World Heritage Cities

During the seminar of eight weeks, I worked with a group of students on a small part of a large study (PUP).

“PUP was created during the academic year of 2011-2012 at TU/e, as part of a research program entitled “OUV, WH CITIES & SUSTAINABILITY: Surveying the relationship between Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) assessment practices and the sustainable development of World Heritage (WH) Cities”, led together with UNESCO World Heritage Centre (WHC), France. The end goal was to develop a tool to assist local authorities performing heritage (impact) assessments, not only for monitoring purposes, but also when determining the impact of development projects. Pup has the ambition becoming such a tool.” http://protectedurbanplanet.net/

My input in this research is: conducting research on projects of the Unesco World Heritage list which start with the letters A and B (from Afghanistan up to Brazil).